Friday, August 29, 2014

Minecraft Guy Graph

My kids are totally in LOVE with everything minecraft. So tomorrow we are working with graphs and I decided to graph out a guy. This will JUST be the outline of a minecraft guy so they can color it in to be themselves. Yes, it's hand drawn, but you are more than welcome to print this picture. It took me a bit to get the guy right, but I figured someone else might like to use it. Have fun with your minecraft unit!

Also as a last minute thought, you could save the picture and open it in paint. Let your kids do their graphing in paint instead of using printer ink! Genius!

**Edit** Just did this today and the boys said that D30 and L30 needed to be one higher to make it exactly like the minecraft guys. So if your kids are sticklers like mine change D30 to D31 and L30 to L31

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