Thursday, December 4, 2008


Today was the day! Mike graduated! We just got back from the ceremony. It was really wonderful to see all his hard work pay off. My camera has no memory right now because my xd card is getting worked on by my ever so loving brother (THANKS!). ( I wish I could extract things out of my brain that I've "deleted" that would be nice. But at least we can extract stuff of of camera cards that we accidentally deleted.) Anyway so my cousin on Mike's side took pictures at graduation. When Katie sends them to me I'll post them. Make sure to tell mike congratz!

Thank you for everyone who came I know it was just for a short little ceremony but we were really glad to see everyone. And it was fun to get to know Katie a little bit while she was here! And thanks Dad Compton for giving up your time to come. We love you ALL!!


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