Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Western Circle

Well we did it! we got ourselves a place in TX. and boy is it great!!! No longer do we have to be stuck in stupid ol apartments. We get a HOUSE! and one with a fenced in back yard no less! And this is a thing of beauty....I wish I would have taken pictures. We've got a 2 car garage....3 bedrooms and the neighborhood is WONDERFUL! EVERYTHING is a mile and a 1/2 away from our house. Library in one direction, bakery outlet in another, grocery store, CVS, Ward building, park, pool, and our bank. And this whole town looks nice. Even the not so wonderful parts of town looked ok. there was NOT a part of town that made you just cringe. I'll find a picture of the house on the internet and show it off if I can. So far the plan is to move in 3 weeks. and now we've got a place to show for it!!! It's a really lovely place and I can't wait to show it off.

Mostly I'm glad to be in a house and not have to share a yard or walls. And the whole town was really nice...it's not quite as big as Springfield MO but....well maybe they're right about the same size...somewhere around there anyway. HURRAY A HOME!!!!!

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