Thursday, February 11, 2010

Texas Snow

Lately I've been sleeping on the couch, cause thats the ONLY place I can get comfortable. I woke up about 7:30 this morning and the curtains in our front room were slightly open...then I saw it. SNOW! not just snowing...but SNOW...ON THE GROUND! I couldnt believe it! I had to run into my bedroom and wake up my hubby, who had JUST gone to bed 2 hours earlier, and tell him the news. "Yeah," he said, "I Know." My mom had told me over the phone the night before that Dallas was supposed to get snow, but I didnt want to get my hopes up. we've lived here for a year, and Snow just doesnt stick. But stick it did, and this morning our lawn was almost totally white.

The kids woke up, and were starting to have a cranky morning...until I pointed outside. "WOW," Gavin said, "SNOW!" said Xander, then Mikey...of course said, "We NEED to go outside and make a snowman!" But of course, we had to wait till Daddy woke up. Then at long last, 12:30 rolled around, and the boys were DIEING to get outside..and Daddy finally woke up.

Luckily we had kept our winter coats from living in MO. Haven't really had a need for them yet in tx. But we kept them for the trips back to visit family in Missouri. boy am I glad. We still didnt have quite the preferable snowgear, but the kids were totally happy just to be out in the snow with mom and dad. We put 2 pairs of socks on each of them and then tied plastic bags to their feet, then put their shoes on. Good thing too. Their shoes were SOAKED by the time we went inside. We didnt have any gloves, so we put plastic bags on their hands and socks over the bags. That seamed to work fairly well.

Mikey was the snowball champion. He got REALLY good at throwing snowballs at mom and dad. And he was laughing so hard the entire time. He even took a snowball to the face and was STILL loving it. Gavin mostly just stood around the whole time, or was just being held by mom. He didnt start having fun until he figured out you could eat the snow. I took a bit of the clean snow off the car and gave him a little. After that it was all over. All I heard from him the rest of the time was, "bite? Peese, Bite." He loved it.

When Xander figured out you could eat the snow, he took some off the ground...and it had leafs and grass in it. He took a bite and said, "mom, I dont like the grass." He didnt quite get why gavin liked it so much. to him it kinda tasted like dirt LOL! Then I showed him where to get clean snow and he liked that MUCH better. Then while Mikey and Daddy made the snowman body, Xander and Gavin spent their time feeding eachother clean snowballs. Well actually Xander would have a snowball and when gavin asked, "bite?" he'd give him one. It was so stinkin cute.

Daddy had a bit of a hard time getting the body onto the snowman, and when he did try and lift the second snowball, he droped it and it broke apart, so we just packed it on top and made it sorta ball shaped. Then Mikey just kept packing snow on the snowman while daddy rolled out the head. Pretty soon we got our snowman all finished, daddy went into the backyard for sticks for the arms, and mommy improviesed the face with some lids from the kitchen and a crazy straw mouth. These boys were SSOO happy the entire time we were out. Gavin was ready to go in when the snowman was done, so we took a picture (hurray for tripods and timers on cameras), and headed inside. We ended up making hot waffels for lunch. boy was that good. And then the boys started falling asleep on the couch watching chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

I think They'll be talking about today for a long time. I LOVE family moments like this.

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