Monday, February 1, 2010


Other than cooking and life right now is a bunch of WAITING. My most frequent for Mike to get home for dinner. He has about 5 minutes at home right around 9 that he can eat, kiss me, and head back to work. Hurray for night shift :S not.

Then there is always the constant...waiting to have the baby. No I'm not as large as other women are at this stage of the game, but I'm JUSt as uncomfortable. I dread going to bed every night cause it takes me at least a 1/2 hour to get comfortable, then it's gone in like 10 min and I have to spend another 1/2 hour re-situating. Then...I wake up with an aching body in the morning. WOO HOO.

Also...I can hardly wait for the mail to come each day. Usually I get a movie in the mail. We have blockbuster for the month. trial week....SO NOT WORTH IT! but it's paid for now and so we'll keep it till the month is over. So I do look forward to getting movies in the mail. But if anyone is considering getting blockbuster...DONT IT SUCKS! if you want to watch movies have to RENT THEM. in addition to what you're paying alreayd RIP OFF! and if you exchange a movie in the store, the wont send you another movie in the mail until you bring the exchanged movie back to the store. LAME!

But thats besides the point. The main thing that I'm waiting for right now is an order I just made on friday. I'm WAY excited about it. Powdered food in #10 cans!!! Yeah ok I'm a nerd. But I've seriously never been so excited about groceries in my life! Honeyvillgrain is where I got it from. The stuff from the bishops store house is cheaper...but the bishops store house doesn't have everything that Honeyville does. I have looked High and low for powdered cheese. You know, the packets of cheese you get in mac and cheese boxes? Yeah that stuff is GREAT for soups, pastas, and all kinds of things. But I could never find it for a decent price. Until I found this website. Origionally I was needing more powdered eggs...and I was trying to find the cheepest place online that sold them. And Honevillegrain was the best place to do it. But then as I looked around their website, I found the powdered cheese. TOTALLY STOKED! and I also found something else I want to try. Powdered butter. WHAT?!?! How they make it...I have no clue. But I ended up ordering it. I want to try it out. We ALWAYS run out of butter when we get low on groceries. Sure you can use Crisco...but that doesnt give you the beautiful butter taste. So I'm very excited to see how this goes. You may think I'm crazy, but I already know I'm going to buy from this place again. My next purchase will be Freeze dried fruits. They have 6 #10 cans of 6 different types of fruit for $109ish. The cool thing about this place is no matter how much you order, they ship with UPS so it's $4.49 for your whole order as long as its in the US!!! WAY COOL! As long as you place your order by 11am they get it shipped out that day. If after 11 then they ship it by the next business day. I ordered my 3 cans friday morning around 9ish. SO hopefully they'll be here within the next few days. This is a MUCH anticipated package. I want to see if these powdered eggs are as good as the reviews I've read. If so I can use them for scrambled eggs instead of JUST for cooking with. Which, by the way, if you've never used powdered eggs before DO SO! They cook up great! and they save you the trouble of using up your real eggs and taste JUST as good in brownies, and cakes, and muffins and such. This particular can of eggs comes out to be about 80cents per dozen that I use. NOT BAD!

And I promise...there will be another post the MOMENT I get to cook with these new found foods. Anyone who has a lot of kids understands how important cooking is. And I'm hoping this will help make my job a little easier!

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