Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Midnight Snack

I randomly feel like blogging, and I've done at least 4 hours of dishes today, plus making breakfast lunch and dinner, and putting together a slide that should have only taken about 15 minutes but instead took an hour and a half, re-potty trained Xander, repremanded Gavin who knows how many times for playing in the toilet, played outside with the kids, battled for 2 1/2 hours to finally get ALL the kids asleep, and got my husband fed and back to work. All in all a rather productive day. And I could be cleaning my room, but who wants to work when you finally get a few moments to yourself after a day like today?

I'm starting to realize a few things about my life.

1. breakfast always gets served at our house, but I dont usually eat it because I'm busy getting seconds & thirds for the kids.
2. I have to have clean closets. Weirdly enough, it's the only place that stays clean.
3. I'm a big freaken mush. I always say no, but if they're sweet and smile and ask nicely...I end up saying yes quite a bit.
4. I'm horrible at making cookies. I consider myself a fine cook, and my cookies taste good, but I'm never satisfied because they always come out flat and crunchy no matter what recipe I try.
5. I always have lots of projects, and they NEVER get finished, currently I have over 20 empty soda/juice bottles sitting on my kitchen table waiting to be used for water storage, I wont let mike throw them away, cause we dont buy soda very often, and we NEED water storage. I also have an unfinished highschool tshirt quilt, and scrapbooks for all of my kids but Owen.
6. I am extremely melodramatic....but not when it matters.
7. I love having family time.
8. I'm starting to finally get a hold of my house...but if someone walked in my house in the middle of the day they wouldnt know it.
9. I usually only call my mom when I'm having a really good day...or a REALLY bad one.
10. I resort to fiddling online, because Mike works nights, and I dont get to talk to him before I go to sleep.
11. I'm extreemly NON motivated to get to bed. No one is here to remind me it's getting late, and there is nothing to go to bed for. I have to sleep alone until 4 or 6 am.
12. I actually NEVER sleep alone. Although Mike works nights, Owen usually sleeps with me, and then when Mike comes to bed usually he has to take Xander, Gavin or Mike out of our bed.
13. I have non routine, routines.
14. livivg with boys has given me more scars than I care to admit.
15. I can handle anything......except "over exposure" to boogers.
16. I could care less if my children wore the same outfit outside all week, its not like we go anywhere, and they usually sleep in just their underpants, so its not like their clothes would get the bed dirty.
17. I have a problem with being only 1/2 dressed. When I'm walking around my house, even if I'm alone, or the only one awake, I cant be wearing just a shirt, I have to either be fully clothed or in my bed sleeping.
18. I clean weird. When cleaning my living room I usually clean up in front of the couch, then vacuum that spot,then clean by the front door and vacuum there. I dont usually vacuum my entire livingroom at once.
19. I have texture issues. I cant sleep in satin blankets cause of the noise it makes/feeling it has on my calloused feet. *shiver*
20. our family could live off of hot dogs and orange juice...but I REALLY dont want to.
21. Cooking for my husband is REALLY satisfying, cooking with him, however; is a bit of a challenge sometimes because he is ALWAYS changing things to try and make them better, even when it's just mac & cheese.
22. I always feel like doing something, but I dont always feel like that something should be productive.
23. I have no clue what my husband does for a living. He works on airplanes...yeah thats about it.
24. I like dumb poems/jokes.
25. toilet jokes make me laugh.
26. I think all mothers should have the option of growing/retracting arms as they are needed.
27. I have a very odd sense of humor.
28. I like using big words when given the chance.

(ok so this post is turning out like no.5 another project that doesnt seam to have an end in until next time, dont forget to zip up your pants.)

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