Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Neighbor, Wendel

Today I finally got Mike to get our lawnmower back from some friends who were borrowing it, and I got him to mow our lawn around 2pm. I'm glad he did too. It was getting rather large. He got both the front and back done and then proceeded to use our "new" weed wacker (new as in new to us. Hurray for Garage Sales). As he was working our neighbor came up and started talking to Mike. He'd heard that I had the baby and wanted to see our new addition. So I came outside, along with my gaggle of children. Wendel of course oohhed and aahhed over Owen and said how cute he was. Then he said, "well I was going to come over and offer to mow your lawn, but it looks like you beat me to it. Can I at least pick up the blades on the mower and let your boys ride around the yard with me?" It was really sweet. Wendel has a riding mower and he mows his lawn as well as the neighbors house next to his. And when he offered to let the boys ride it I knew they'd think it was awesome.

Mikey was offered to go first, but he was a little hessitant because he didnt know Wendel very well. Xander jumped at the chance. He probably could have cared less if it was a monster riding the mower. He was going to drive that tractor! So we put him up with Wendel and boy did he love it. After Mikey saw how much fun Xander was having, he didnt have a problem taking his turn when Xander had gone around the yard a few times. The boys even got to steer, and they were very impressed by Wendel's stick (his cane). It was pretty fun to watch the boys and it was really sweet of our Neighbor to let them ride with him (I think he enjoyed it just as much, if not more, than the boys did). We were going to let Gavin ride as well, but the lawn mower was a little bit too loud for him, and he didnt know Wendel well enough. But Maybe next time.

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