Friday, October 22, 2010

Adventures from Missouri: Brandon

So while we were in Missouri the boys gained another uncle, Brandon. I guess he started coming around my parents house about the time Mike left for Afghanistan. So we had the pleasure of getting to know one of the nicest boys I have ever met. He seemed pretty quiet at first and kind of kept to himself, but my boys didn't care. They were climbing all over him the moment they met. I guess kids can usually tell when they're around someone who is genuine. I think Xander and Brandon are kindred spirits. Most of the pictures we have of him are of him and Xander. The day after we met Brandon, Xander woke up and said, "hey, wheres that Brandon guy?" The boys were always having him do something for them. He happened to have a birthday while we were there too. My boys found out and they had to wrap up pennies for him. It was pretty cute. They even blew out all the candles on his cake for him. :D Brandon was always very kind to my boys. And every time I saw him he was typically holding one of my children. He helped make our time in MO a little easier because when Joseph and Hyrum went to school, if he spent the night, he was there in the mornings to say hi to the boys. Even if he wasn't coherent enough to do anything but let them crawl all over him.

As I came to know him better I found out that he has a sick heart, and it makes him weak. But he still found time to make my children happy. He was always very generous with his time while he was with my boys. And he never once got irritated with them. Every action he showed towards my boys was very loving. He helped me learn I could be easier on my children when they got into trouble. And kindness goes a lot further than harsh words. Someday, he's going to make an awesome father. But until then he makes a pretty darn good uncle.

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