Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Expect the Unexpected

I've heard this saying a lot, but never realized how hard it is. Going through life I thought I'd learn to roll with the punches and take whatever chance life can give me. But the unexpected happens mostly when you don't expect it. I guess thats why it's unexpected. I had a dream last night that some Nerf gun people came to town and they had a skydiving adventure you could go on, and as you were skydiving they'd shoot nerf darts at you. (yes I know strange) Anyhow I decided to jump on the chance because it was only a limited offer. The dream ended before I actually went skydiving so I don't know if I actually took the plunge. I've often wondered what it'd be like to sky dive, and I'd like to do it, but the opportunity hasn't presented its self. But I think if it did I'd like to say I'd jump at the chance to make a dream come true (well not the nerf dart part).

This morning and opportunity presented its self that was a limited time offer. Actually it was a timed offer and they needed to know by 10:30am. And without (much) hesitation we decided to do it. Because it will help us acomplish some of our dreams. Like the dream of being debt free. And I know I can handle it. I've got family. And we are going to get out of debt. And chances are, I'll get a Van this time. So here's to the next two months. Here's to being debt free, and a husband who is willing to go the distance (but not to far this time).

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