Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Sitting up...taking time to myself. It's difficult when living in someone else's house. I'm used to sitting up with Mike and just doing nothing. Now I feel like I need the company...but I don't really want to be around people...I just want my hubby. And then after everyone is asleep. I spend time with my siblings...and then I go to bed. But when I get in my room it still doesn't feel like I've had chill time. When I spend time with just me and mike. It's always chill time and I always feel better afterwards. This time, being away from him isnt bad. When he was overseas, it was heart breaking. The first time we video chatted over the internet while he was in Afghanistan I wanted to hug and kiss the screen. Now I just know I need to wait a few weeks. I get to see him. I hope it's not bad on me to have to let him leave though. (I apologise for this probably not making's past midnight) Mostly I just really miss my husband. And he'll be back for christmas....I just hope I'm ok with sharing my time with him with everyone else.

On the bright siblings are almost ALL going to be at mom and dads house. That is a big deal. Garry and Sheri couldnt come this year.....but all my slibings in college are coming home. And Marshall is STAYING. I cant wait to see all of them. YAY!

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