Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh thats why......

So I remembered why I never take the time to do my hair.
Yes, that is a whole can of formula on my kitchen floor.

And it's not like I took forever on my hair, or did anything really amazing. Just took about 15 minutes and straightened it then put it up in a clip. So you tell me, is it REALLY worth it? 


  1. Well it definitely looks super cute!!! So maybe it's just worth it if you're going somewhere? I really do like it a lot...but if I was in your position I doubt I'd like it enough to clean up messes that otherwise wouldn't have happened.

  2. Yeah well after the mess was made I had to go somewhere. that was our last can of formula.

  3. haha, oh man...ya, not really worth it. :/ Which is sad, cause I'm sure it was one of those, "You know what, I want to look cute today and feel like a girl" things...so you do it to feel good, and then it's all negated by the frustration of unnecessary and inconvenient messes...