Monday, January 24, 2011


continue, advancement, gain, betterment, headway, increase, momentum, ongoing, rise, gain ground, move on, step forward.

Life is about progression, about becoming more than we were the day before. Making ourselves better, and in turn making the world better. Even when you get stuck in a mundane routine, the world still moves forward. We have to make the decision to get left behind or to progress. Being a mom, my entire life is progression. Raising children is a full time job. If you want something done, mom ALWAYS has to do it. Husband and children do help, but the majority of household duties fall to the mother. Each day moms try to keep kids fed, happy, and peaceful, while also keeping up with the household chores and trying to keep from getting stressed. This is a particularly daunting task for mothers with small children.

But each day we can receive our own super powers by turning to the one who can help us with anything. It never ceases to amaze me how just getting on your knees in the morning can help you with an entire household. We mothers have a lot on our plates. But our Heavenly Father has helped us become mothers for our benefit, and I'd like to rise to the occasion.

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