Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting Creative

 So as mentioned earlier...I have no access to a working car at the moment. And tonight I had an emergency....I wanted chocolate. Usually if I'm really needing chocolate I'll load up children and take a drive and get either ice cream or a chocolate bar. Tonight that wasn't an option. So I start scanning the kitchen. I found some semi sweet chips in the cupboard....but those just don't cut it when you really need a chocolate fix. Then, I found my cream fudge topping! I ate a spoonful right then, right out of the jar. (slightly stressful day. I forgot to mention in my last post that everyone is also Sick. WOO HOO!) And that helped...but I wanted a crunch with it...hum what to do. Cereal? Nope all we have is strawberry shredded wheat uh....I think I'll pass for now. Chocolate covered wheat thins? no thanks. Then I found popcorn...well it's worth a is buttery and I pop a bag....Guess what. NOT BAD! Not only not was kinda tasty!

either that or I'm just getting really desperate.

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