Sunday, June 24, 2012

4 Family Garage Sale

Yesterday was so much fun. I got to have some of my absolute favorite people stay at my house all day. My sister and her 3 kids, my cousin and her 4 kids, and my other cousin and her 3 kids. We decided to hold a garage sale to get rid of some of the stuff cluttering our house, and then decided to donate the proceeds to develop the willis family cemetery. Let me tell you, it was work, but it was so fun. The kids played in the hose ALL DAY, and us moms got to sit and talk and be together all day. It was fun. Not as good of a turn out as I would have liked, but we have plenty left overs and we're going to sell them again next week. Here are a few pictures from the day that I thefted from Kristin. Benny and Owen "selling" cookies at the garage sale. SOME of the kids eating pizza for lunch. It was a blast. We all sang primary songs while we waited for the pizza to cool off.

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