Saturday, July 14, 2012

Eat mor Chickin

So chick fil a had their cow appreciation day. You come with something cow themed and you get a free sandwich, come dressed horn to hoof as a cow and you get a full meal for free. And of course, free food is always a plus when you have children.

So Sarah and I spent our moornings making cow costumes. Hers were way cuter than mine cause she actually sewed them. I just used paper and tape...but I still got the free meal.

 Note the udder cuteness of lydia.

 And I seriously can't get enough of this kid...oh wait thats a baby goat...this calf...thats just weird.

 My boys in their cowstumes. Mikey was a texas longhorn, Gavin was a Zebu (he even used our mullet wig as the hump on his back (it fell off), Xander went as Babe, paul bunyons big blue ox. And Owen went as a Dead cow. hehehe. They never specified they had to be alive.
 Sarah and her know, those hoodlums running around.
 Danton and his bull nose ring.
 Sarah and Risa
me and owen just after we got home. My "pig tails" were suposed to be horns. They started out a little whiter than that, but most the flour fell out by the time we got home. Yes...I put flour in my hair. I've heard a little flour in your hair makes you look pretty. meh heh heh. All in all it was fun. I even had leftovers to take to daddy when we went home. Totally worth it.

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