Friday, June 7, 2013

Everyone is Home!

Well for the past almost 2 weeks my mother has had anywhere from 2 to all 5 of my boys at her house. She has been one of the biggest helps ever. Even before I had Liv, she was there, ready to take on the boys for me. It has been a pretty peaceful week. After I got home from the hospital, it was just me and my baby for a few nights. It was wonderful. Then we brought back Mike and Xan. My sleep schedule was totally off because I would wake up with the baby. But the big boys were great. They knew how to get their own breakfast even without mom waking up. Cold cereal and Milk, then when I'd get up, with a little prodding, they'd clean up their mess, and load the dishwasher. Then we swapped Xander with Grandma for Owen and Rodney. The clean house....totally over with my 3 youngest at home. Once I got used to juggling the babies again, then it was time for Gavin and Xander to come home. We've been together for a few hours now...yep, it's a zoo. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I was even able to get a GOOD picture of all my kids.

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