Saturday, July 27, 2013

This started out as a facebook status.....

then I decided no one wants to read my complaints, so I figured posting here would be better. No clue why.

DUDE! Can today get worse! I swear these boys are out to get me today. The rest of the Orange juice on the floor, waking up the baby by jumping on her and slamming doors, waking up Dad in the middle of his night, not helping me clean up THEIR toy room, telling me theyre not hungry then eating my food, I left my merchandise at the store, and I forgot to purchase something I needed, cant go replace lost items cause I already have a kid down for the night and tomorrow is sunday so I have to wait till monday, realized tomorrow is sunday meaning I need to go find sunday clothes for everyone, found a nasty rotten apple in the basement where we are not supposed to have FOOD, incessant tattling, just realized I have to do baths for everyone. BAH! trying REALLY hard not to be in a bad mood.

ok, maybe Im not trying that hard to not be in a bad mood. but DANG IT! To top it all off, my youngest boy dumped a cup of water all over the keys of my laptop yesterday. Some of my keys arent working at all, so to write several things I have to find it somewhere else and paste it. ANNOYING!

Ok...lets try to make today better....

Finished cleaning the basement so the boys only have one bucket of toys out instead of five, now they can clean it themselves.
got a box of free clothes and lots of shoes for my kids
my children aren't fighting. they're being loud, but they're not fighting.
kids have all eaten so I can do an early bedtime

man....Ive been thinking forever. and its making my head hurt. That last one is my only salvation tonight. Time to put the kids ALL in their beds.

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  1. I love you Marisa! I am so sorry everything has been so crazy! But you're a great mom, and I look up to you a lot. Sending best wishes and hugs from Alaska!