Friday, September 26, 2014

when it MONSOONS!

Lets start with this morning.

Big Girl got 3 baths because Tornado Boy decided to leave food out 3 times. First the peanut butter, then the syrup, then the jelly. Not a huge deal, just annoying that it all happened before 10am. I decide to make microwave pasta for lunch so I can get the kitchen floor mopped. I get out a few things to start prep for an early dinner so Daddy can have enchiladas.

....OH right! Daddy! He needs whites and uniforms done in the laundry. I will start that next.

When I mop my kitchen I do a quick sweep, then get my sink sprayer and spray down the entire floor and let it sit for about 5 min then suck it up with my carpet steamer. Today I was on pass 3 with the steamer. Kitchen floor was close to being done...but not quite. And I look in the container as I prepare to dump it. LARVA! Nasty wiggling alive DISGUSTING LARVA! I always dump out the tank but I don't always clean out the filter...apparently some bug crawled in there and laid eggs in my filter. EW!!!!

So before I start to gag I regain my composure and take the whole tank outside to hose it down. I begin to hose it down...and I see baby roaches. These things don't look like roaches...but they look like rice (I have issues eating leftover rice because of this).  ***Back story: When we lived in TX our house was infested with roaches. We sprayed every 3 months and still had them everywhere. They were so bad that I would turn on as many lights as I could before getting out of bed to go to the bathroom because I didn't want to step on a roach. I have only had to deal with roaches ONCE since moving out of that nightmare of a house....and it ended with me hyperventilating and obsessively cleaning. Fun fact about me, I have a SERIOUS phobia of my house becoming infested with roaches.***

See the roach babies in my steamer that I need at least 3x a day. Deep breaths....lots of deep breaths....SPRAY THE CRAP out of that tank. I'm pretty sure I got each of them out...but just to be sure I take all the gaskets off and hose it down again....leaving it outside for the night. Still breathing ok, then I call my mom...and the only words I can get out before beginning to sob, "Not fine....nightmare....roaches." My mom, knowing my back story, let me cry it out on the phone and helped me to realize that it's ok. Every house gets roaches in it at one point or another. I get off the phone with her, and go cry to my husband. He was asleep (he works nights...but only for the next week YAY!) but was wonderful and let me wake him up to cry to him. Husband suggests that the reason it got anything in it was because I store it next to our back door. It's an old junky sliding glass door that almost never stays in it's track. He assured me that we could bomb the house as soon as he gets his next paycheck.

As we talk I realize that we need to go pick up our last few WIC checks before the end of the month. Our newborn is asleep so Daddy has me go to get out of the house. The moment I left Baby Girl started crying and didn't stop till I got back because she was hungry. While daddy was dealing with her, The Oldest and the 6 year old are kicking my body ball around in the basement....and they hit the lights (florescent shop lights) shattering two of the bulbs all over the already messy basement (which by the way, the boys are grounded from TV already until the basement is cleaned. There is all KINDS of stuff on the floor and now there is glass mixed in to boot.

I get home with the groceries and hear the screaming newborn. Daddy comes out looking overly frazzled (that is putting it nicely), hands me the baby and gives me a rundown of what happened while he was gone. Not only did he deal with the above paragraph, but Big girl also decided to strip 3 times while mom was gone AND pee on the floor. (Right...can't use the steamer's in pieces....guess that can wait till tomorrow). I have all the boys bring in the groceries while I feed the baby. Daddy realizes what time it is and says he has to shower....

....dang it! LAUNDRY! Luckily husband has 1 pair of undies left, but no clean uniforms or socks. I promise him I will do it tonight. He takes a shower and I get the boys to stop fighting in the front room. Then I realized I had stuff out for enchiladas all day....and the kids ate the tortillas...and Dad has to leave in 15 minutes. That is NOT enough time to make enchiladas. So daddy gets a bowl of cereal for now, and 3 peanut butter and honey (because the jelly mess all over the baby this morning) sandwiches for work.

Now I'm sitting here on the computer letting it out...and realizing that ALL of my groceries are STILL on the table.......

Today is a total FAIL! I call for a do over. Lets just erase the entire day and start fresh! At least I get to go to bed (after I put away the food), Daddy still has a full night of work ahead of him. We are way past shoveling snow in a snow storm over we are down to dodging bullets.

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