Thursday, February 26, 2015

My kids

I love this picture so much. I just sent a letter off to some friends of ours a few days ago. So this post is mostly for them. This is kinda what our life is right now. Lots of "little things to be grateful for."

I recently just made a book about our family and the past 10 years. I put several photos in it and it made me want to post some of them here.

This was our kids almost 4 years ago. Aren't they adorable! Espically Mike holding back the other two while the baby is on their "running track."

Then there is this cutie. This is Rod when he was a baby. LOVE him!

This is Gav, when we first moved into our current home. He was waiting for dinner to be finished. I guess he was too tired.

These are my ice skating boys. Crazy and cute as ever. The last picture is Mikey playing in the fountains outside of the ice rink.

OK...I know this is out of order...but I LOVE this picture so much. This was when we lived in TX. The faces in this are just too adorable.

Halloween our first year in our current home. Oh yeah, we were vikings...and super awesome ones at that!

Story time with the big boys.

Olivia as a baby. So cute.

Playing in our front yard. G, R, O, and O

Ack! These boys are a disaster. G, & M

Date night with Mike.

Olivia....and corn starch...

Wearing clothes, whatever she can find. She will wear EVERYTHING.

Rocking horsey! These two love playing together.

Me and ALL my children for the first time.

This picture is a few months old but I still love it. Crazy kids at church.

Our most recent family picture. Yeah...I was going to make super cute Christmas cards...and never did. But we did take a picture!

We just had the Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts. Mikey earned his wolf, his gold arrow point, 5 silver arrow points, and 9 various belt loops. I have some pictures from that night that I will be uploading by Saturday. Check back then!

Feel free to comment so I know you've been here!

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