Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Oldest son

So it's been a while...and yes I'm sorry. We all got sick and I didn't have a chance to sit down for longer than a few minutes. Update on the family...Daddy is now working manditory overtime and his only day off is Thursday. The rest of the time he has to be at work by 6:30am then leaves for home at 7pm. It's a long time to be working and mike says its weird cause he never sees the sun anymore because he's always in the hanger.
Well, Sunday came and I had to wake up with daddy and get the boys ready to go. Mike likes to leave a little before 6 to get to work early. So I get 3 little babies up before the sun even thinks about waking up, and put them in their carseats. Why do you ask did I bother....well I needed the car so we could go to church without having to ride a bike. Then once we dropped daddy off we went home for a few hours. As you can imagine...the boys were wide awake by then. So on sundays my day starts at 5:00.
This was our first sunday without daddy. And it actually went....uh...ok. We didn't make it on time, but we did make it in time to get into the chappell before the closed the doors. Right before the sacrament hymn. And for the first 1/2 hour the boys just sat in the pews. I was really impressed. So we broke out the crayons and they colored for about 2 min. Then they started getting fidgety. Mikey made friends with a little girl across the isle and they played on the floor for most of the rest of sacrament meeting. Mikey only got in trouble when he went across the isle and got under a pew and was kicking it. Xander did pretty good. We made paper airplanes with the paper we were going to color on and he stayed put basicly all of sacrament meeting. Gavin was happy the whole time. He even sat in the pews next to mom and he was totally content to chew on his paper. The only time he wasn't next to me or on my lap was right at the end of the meeting when mikey was under a pew kicking it. So I handed Gavin off to some total stranger and repremanded mikey. Not to harshly...but I made him sit in the pew for the rest of the meeting (which had gone way past time to get out).
Finally the meeting ends and the wonderful woman behind me offers to take Gavin while I take the boys to nursery...and I had to change Xanders diaper too....so we parted ways. Bishop came up to me after the meeting and asked where Mike was. I told him about the manditory overtime. Aparently most of the guys in our ward who work there are on kind of the same scedual. So Bishop said he would talk to some people to see if he could get the sacrament brought over sunday night at least once a month. I thanked him then turned to take the boys to nursery.
I look to my left and there are two new young men in the ward....wearing name badges! MISSIONARIES!!!! We had missionaries in our ward! Ah now 1/2 the testimonies made since! Everyone was talking about how thankful they were for missionary work. So we've got elders in our ward and I think its awesome...but I can't stop to talk cause some stranger has my kid and I don't want to pawn him off for too long. So I resign myself to sign myself up to fix them dinner on thursday.
I drop off the older boys at nursery and they asked me Xander's name again. Just to make sure they got it right. Then I went to sunday school. I check the class that this random person was in....no I didn't get her name. That thought didn't cross my mind as I handed one of my sweet inocent childern over to a stranger. She wasn't in sunday school...so I check another class...nope not in there either. I asked the RS president....and she asked me who I handed Gavin too....Uh...I didn't even really remember what she looked like. Oh boy! Well I tried the sunday school class again. AH HA! ok she was in there this time. And Gavin was still just as happy as ever. Sunday school went good, and so did RS. I got the sign up for dinner for the missionaries, and thursday was already taken...so I just put us down for friday and i'll have to either send them with food to go....or I'll take it to them. Anyway...after church gets out...I hand Gavin over to...well this time it was a familier face...different person...but we met her our first week here. The first woman I don't think id even seen before.
I get to nursery and Mikey is standing by the door waiting patiently. "Hi Mikey!" his nursery leaders look at me...."Uh what did you call him?" Then I said, "well you can call him whichever. Michael, Mikey, Mike. It doesn't matter." "Oh," they said, "he told us his name was Wesley."
?!?!?!?!!!! Wesley? where the heck did he even hear that name?
needless to say I was laughing about it all the way to the car. Silly mikey. When we got in the car I said....Mikey....whats your name. And he got this really silly grin on his face. OH yeah...he told them his name was wesley on purpose. Why? I dunno...but hes a stinkin sly 3 year old if he can come up with a plan to fool his teachers already. And later on Monday he looked at me and said, I'm Wesley. Then about 5 min later he said, "I'm not Wesley anymore. I'm just Mike." Silly silly Wesley.....I mean Just Mike.

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