Friday, February 27, 2009

My youngest son

ok you've asked for it. Everyone wants pictures...well since I did a post about Mikey last, we'll do gavin. This is him crawling around. That kid is so FAST and EVERYTHING he sees goes into his mouth.
I kind of wonder if thats why he always sticks his toung out. I dunno...but he alwasy does it. And I always think it's cute.

Then he has this crooked smile. yeah...SUPER cute. Maybe I'm decide.

There he goes with the toung thing again.

Now Gavin is almost 8monts. He will be at the end of Feb. And he has started to pull himself up.

But not just the pulling himself up though....he's tried to climb onto things.

You don't see it here, but Gavin was trying his hardest to get his foot up to Xander's name. He's already tried to climb out of his crib. It's cute right now cause he can only lift his leg so high. like his knee can hardly make it up to his waist whe he lifts his leg.

He can't do it yet....but he'll keep trying until he gets it......thats what I'm afraid of.

Again with the toung thing....he seriously does that all the time. And I LOVE it!

Thats my Gavin...always happy and always ready to play. We went to the park yesterday and he absolutly LOVED it. Well until he got tired. Even though he's always happy....he's still a baby...and when naptime comes, gotta sleep when your a baby. If it were up to me I'd let him stay a baby as long as he wanted.

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