Friday, July 15, 2011

Buying a House

Well, we've felt like it's time to buy a house for a while, but we didn't want to buy a house in TX. We've always wanted to move to MO and Mike was finally able to get a job here, so we moved back. Well, we haven't moved yet. We're kinda in a state of limbo. Staying at my moms house while I do my research and draw up the paperwork and Mike is doing his training in dallas. It's hard being away from eachother, but he's not in Afghanistan this time so I'm ok with it. We get to talk several times a day, and he said when he gets totally processed, he'll get to fly to MO to come see us. He's got 2 more weeks. Then he'll be working up here full time.

In the meantime, rental housing just never went though. So I decided to look at housing. I figured on looking at things in the 75,000 range...but everything was really tiny and not very nice looking. I found one that looked promising, so I called the realtor and he gave us the key to go look at it. Small but still not quite right. So I told the realtor nevermind on that one. We need a little more space. Then he told me about another house that he had some guys working on right then. He said, it'll cost more in the low 90,000 range, but it's more what we're looking for. Mom and I went to look at it. IT"S WONDERFUL! the bedrooms are a little small, but there is a good sized kitchen and livingroom, and a FINISHED basement!!!!! NO WAY! The basement is the same size as the rest of the house. Perfect! Game room/tv room down stairs and keep the actual house part totally clean! Monday we go in to draw up a contract! I love the house, I just wish buying a house didn't take so long.

It's hard to live in someone elses house. I'm grateful for my parents because they are willing to let us stay here, but I'm sure gonna be glad when closing time comes on that house. So keep us in your prayers. And hope for us that it goes by quickly.

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