Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Rising Generation

I was staring at my oldest today while I was pondering random thoughts. On that entered into my head was that, we have been told that our children will have to withstand some of the worst evil this world has seen. I looked at my son, and I wasn't discouraged, I found hope. With all this thinking of home school, I found that even though I know it will be challenging, It means I can give my kids that extra spiritual leg up to help them be a light to others.

The missionary age has been lowered, which means I have less time to prepare them. But when I take out all of the fluff and waiting around for others to be finished with their work at school. Or waiting for the time to tick away for the next task to start, I have more hours to spend molding my children into people who want to contribute to society. Not only contribute, but to make the world a brighter place all around. I see that potential in my kids, and it is so heartening. There is always hope for the rising generation.

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