Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Things my boys need to know before leaving the nest.

  1. The Lord can help you with any problem
  2. How to study their scriptures
  3. Daily prayer is essential for a happy life
  4. A love of the Gospel & their savior
  5. Respect
  6. Manners
  7. How to do laundry
  8. How to handle money
  9. Thinking outside of the box
  10. Treating all people kindly
  11. Knowing that they are an example
  12. Happiness is a choice
  13. Music heals the soul
  14. Understand the responsibility of the Priesthood
  15. Their brothers are, and will always be, their best friends
  16. American history
  17. Math up to algebra
  18. Geography, what the world is around them
  19. You can find kind people, or bad people, if you're looking for them
  20. Good friends will help you do good things.
  21. A promise should be taken seriously. Trust is hard to gain and easy to loose.
  22. Proper Driving skills
  23. How to take care of their bicycle
  24. Not to covet what others have, but to enjoy life with what you have
  25. Getting things is not important
  26. Living within your means
  27. When you are idle is when you get into trouble
  28. Dating is fun, but until after your mission group dates are best
  29. Rules are for protection, if you want to be protected, follow the rules
  30. Service to others brings great satisfaction
  31. Love of the outdoors
  32. Respect for nature
  33. Singing a hymn will invite the spirit
  34. The best things in life don't cost money
  35. People are always worth your time
  36. texting is NOT a conversation
  37. How to show small gestures (opening a door for someone)
  38. It is respectful to take your hat off
  39. tv is not essential, nor is any electronic device
  40. Tithing and fast offerings is your way of thanking the lord
  41. always be grateful
  42. How to fill out a resume, and find a job
  43. Determination
  44. ingenuity
  45. don't loose your temper
  46. how to trade for goods
  47. Taxes are on EVERYTHING
  48. The holy ghost is your constant companion but you can offend the holy ghost
  49. women are important
  50. clean is best
  51. compassion

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