Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Day Off

Today was Fantastic. Yesterday I was overly tired and feeling very worn down. I couldn't seem to find the energy to do anything. So my wonderful mother told me I could come to her house. I was really grateful because that meant my kids wouldn't be making more messes at our house....then I realized my seats are still out of my van. Mike was asleep, as he had just gotten home from work, so I had no one to help me put the seats back. Oh well, I was stuck till he woke up. Then as I talked on the phone with mom in the afternoon, she decided she'd just take the boys and feed them dinner at her house and bathe them for me so I could just focus on getting everyone's clothes ready for church the next day.

Once mom drove out to my house, she looked at me and said, "how about I just take them for the day tomorrow. And then after church you can come get them." Uh...YES! Going to church is really hard on me, but we go because that is where we're supposed to be. Each Sunday morning I gather up 5 children's clothes hopefully I can find a shirt in the right size for everyone, then I have to find shoes and socks. I'm usually doing good to get socks on them, matching socks is a miracle in itself. And if I'm aloud to shower in the morning before church, then we're doing fantastic. The best days are when we have matching socks, I get a shower, and we're in time to take the sacrament.

Today, however, I just had to get myself ready. Admittedly we were a little late, they were singing the opening song when we got there, but we sat IN the chapel and actually heard the ward announcements. It was SO wonderful! I heard every word of every talk. I actually got to sit and listen for the first time in YEARS. Each portion of church was fantastic. In sacrament meeting we talked about being positive. Sunday School was about spiritual gifts, and Relief Society was about chastity. Each hour had some part of the subject that really touched me today. I LOVE going to church! Someday, it will be like that every week. But for now, just getting a full Sunday in without kids has re-energized me for a long time. I CAN handle keeping kids in line, and quiet during church. And it IS worth it.

Thank you to a friend of ours who goes to work with Mike for the picture. Sadly someone said something to me right as he snapped the picture so I wasn't looking at the camera, but I am glad he took it. It was great to have him come. Hopefully he got some questions answered about the church. I know there are some he knows that feel we're a cult, and after today I'm wondering what he thinks. All in all it was a really wonderful Sunday, and a beautiful day of rest.

....that'd be the kids walking in my front door.

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