Wednesday, May 22, 2013

School Today

Well, It's not technically the beginning of the school year until June 1st. Since I'm new to this whole home school thing, we're starting with a few lessons here and there to get my feet wet. Yesterday the boys only did math, and EVERYONE is on a different level. Pretty much we had to take one on one time, both me and daddy, to make sure they each got the instruction needed. Our oldest, M, is learning multiplication Next one down, X, is refining his addition and will be starting 2 digit addition soon. G, is just beginning simple addition, and learning math symbols. O is just learning his numbers. So that took quite a bit of time, but that's what we were given the time for. To teach our kids.

Today's lesson was in Geography. The boys have been asking questions about the world so we started today with Continents. It was a good review for me. I had to look it up to remember. But we have a large floor puzzle of the world so once I got the refresher from an internet search, it went great. We put the youngest, R, who is almost 18months, down for a nap. Then we began our puzzle. We talked about how there are 7 continents. Then we named them all, North America, South America, Antarctica, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. To help them remember I told them a few facts about each continent. We were talking about the continents for a good 2 hours. The boys got to the point where if I gave them the first sound of the continent, they could tell me what it was. By the end of the lesson, my oldest had all but 2 of them memorized without help. Looks like we'll keep reviewing this for the week. For the rest of the week, each day we'll focus on one continent at a time and by the end of the week we'll do a review.

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