Sunday, October 2, 2016

The one where the baby falls out of bed

Thunk, small cries of a two year old echo down the hallway.
"Oh no, she fell out of bed"
"Wha?" Says Dad sleepily. Mom pats his shoulder lovingly and tells him to go back to sleep. She walks into the little kid room to find the baby crying on the hardwood floor. Scooping her up she comforts the sad baby. Nothing is hurt she just needs to be held. After taking her potty she hands the baby over to Daddy, who has now woken up enough to hold his baby. He can sleep through a lot of things but not little girl sobs.

 There is stirring down the hallway as another child gets up to pee. Mom looks out her doorway in time to see the silhouette of a child walking down the hallway. His head is drooping and she wonders if he is upset. Before she calls out to him he slowly walks until his head smacks into the door frame.

Well...that was unexpected. Maybe he just put his head there because he was upset. Children had been known to rest their heads on the walls when they needed a moment, but then he began to move again. Chin still dropped to his chest and slowly turning back and forth as he walked. Dad was fully aware of the situation by now as he and mom began to snicker. "I don't think he is awake," dad says, "he's sleep walking"

The oldest slowly makes his way around the foot of the bed and comes to a stop on moms side. Bending himself in half, he face plants into moms tummy. The giggles have almost consumed Mother. She begins to stroke his hair to wake up theirs oldest child. After calling him by name a few times she manages to wake him. He lifts his head, "hi buddy," says mom, "how'd you get here?"
The boy looks perplexed. Why was his mother in his bed and he next to it. "You were sleepwalking. Do you need to use the bathroom before you go to bed?"

It finally hits him. He shakes his head no, and even in the dark mom can tell that his face is beat red. 10 year olds don't just wander around the house looking for their mom in the middle of the night. He shakes his head as if to try and wake himself up more. Mom calls out goodnight and he gives a cool two finger wave as he saunters back to bed, trying to regain some of his 10 year old cool. The baby stirs then wiggles from snuggling dad, to mom.

Mom turns her head to dad snickering uncontrollably. " can't fake that!"

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