Friday, August 21, 2009

Big Mac

Well I had a request from my favorite Sheri, that I needed to blog again. SO I"m going to blog about a "meal" I had on the way home from the temple. We've been eating healty now for a few weeks and I feel great. I have more energy than normal, and I'm happier (although eating better didn't magicly clean my house, cant win 'em all). What I didnt realize is how BADLY I was eating before.

On our way home from the temple we had an hour drive, and we haddn't eaten anything since breakfast before we drove to the temple, so it had been about 5+ hours since we had eaten. So we decided to stop and get something to eat. I really wanted Burger King, cause a whopper sounded good, and I handn't had one for almost a year now. But the only thing that we seamed to pass was, yep you guessed it, McDonalds. So thats where we stoped.

I decided I wanted a Big Mac. I really like those burgers. Maybe it's the Big Mac sauce. Dont really know why, but I do like them. Mike got a meal with a medium drink and fry, and we got hamburgers for all the boys. Mike and I shared his drink and his fries, and both ate our burgers (he got something with mushrooms on it. Ick). Anyhow we eat the burgers first, and my stomach starts to feel a little heavy. And we couldnt even finish the fries. And the Soda took us a while to drink cause we hadnt had any in a while. The food tasted fine, it's just how awful it made me feel afterwords. My stomach felt like it had a lead weight in it for hours after I had eaten.

I used to be able to eat fast food no problem. And I used to be able to eat a large meal from any fast food chain. But after eating foods that are high in fiber and cutting WAY down on the sugar, and eating more fresh fruits and veggies...the fast food just didnt cut it. Not only did it not cut it, it kinda made me sick. The first few days were hard, but now I know it was paying off. I still like candy and Ice Cream, but I only eat a few bites of whatever and then I'm done with it. Next I need to start up my morning workout again.

Look out size 5 here I come!

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