Monday, August 24, 2009

It's all Gouda!

So a lot of the time when people are talking to me, instead of saying good, or it's all good. I'll replace good with Gouda. Like the cheese. Or I'll say Gouda Cheese. Then the other day I realized. I'd never actually tasted Gouda. I was at walmart and they happened to have a package of already sliced Gouda on sale for 49 cents off. So I grabed it and brought it home with me.

We were having sliced ham and cheddar on wheat ritz crackers (YUM). Then I remembered we had some peperoni in our fridge. And friends, lemme tell ya, sliced peperoni is the PERFECT size for ritz crakers. Then we decided to give our Gouda a try.


IT WAS SOO GOOD! I've never had a better combonation with Peperoni!!! I seriously am going to have to try it on pizza one of these days. AMAZING! And I gotta say....


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