Friday, October 17, 2008

Eyebrows and Jews

This video is Mikey, just today he discovered his eyebrows, he was doing this unprompted in the mirror and watching himself. It was so funny! He'd raise his eyebrows a few times and just DIE laughing. It was hillarous. This video took some prompting..but it's still funny. Lately we've been trying to do better with our reading scriptures each night. And that is really hard with children who don't stay interested in anything for more than 10 seconds. But last night I was reading in our rocking chair with the two boys on our laps. Mikey likes to "read" and it was his turn. This is how it went.....

mom: And it came to pass
mikey: an it came to pass
mom: that the jews did mock
mikey: JUICE!
Xander: DUCE!

Then they both preceded to fall apart and I couldn't even finish the verse. I have NEVER seen them so squirmy! I had to hold them both down just to say prayers and then they had to go to bed. They were really mad by then. It was so stinkin funny. Who knew that reading the scriptures could make such sweet little boys SSOOO upset!

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