Monday, October 27, 2008


Well first off I would like to say, Happy Birthday to my hubby. He turned 57 yesterday...oh oops I mean 52....just kidding he turned 25 yesterday. We were at his parents house all day and it was a lot of fun. We played Greek Risk...only Cory is a big cheater pants...and Mike even got a birthday cake. He was sleeping on the couch and so we brought the cake to him and started singing to wake him up. He didn't wake up until the last to words...and thats cause we were shouting and shaking him. "TO YOU!!!!!" he woke up startled...and blew out his candles. It was funny. We would have let him sleep but everyone wanted cake:D

Ok as to the name of this post... This is about today. Yarg. Last time I washed a load of laundry...the washer didn't finish the load and it gave me the error code F21. I look it up in the owners manuel. They said it's a clog. So I run just the drain it said to see if that would help. It didn't. I get online and I found a guy who told you how to fix the clog. You take off the kick panel in the front, and manually drain your washer...there is a hose under the pump that has a spot that collects stuff for this purpose. I found a lot of stuff...change, a broken clickey a really nice one...only not anymore...some rubber bands, candy wrappers. Lots of stuff. I get it all cleaned out, close it up, screw on the kick panel, and start the washer to see if it will drain...It fills up with water, spins around a bit...then right when it should drain...

Yeah...I had to do the whole thing all over again. My floor was super wet by this time...but then I decided to stick my hand further up the drain pipe...guess what I found...more rubber bands! I found a whole wad of them. They were the clog. All because of Mikes obsession to make his rubber band ball big. Only what I pulled out of our washing machine...looked like the makings of a rubber band ball...only instead of just adding the rubber bands by stretching them over each other...this was a great bit knot. I screwed back on the cap...didn't replace the kick plate this time...just in case... and started the washer. Every thing we smooth. It was wonderful. And I straightaway banned mike from bringing home those specific rubber bands anymore. "If you have any on your wrist right now, take them off and leave them at work!"

"But! uh...even the big ones?"
"Fine...just not the little skinny ones that get sucked into our washer!"
"But those are good for shooting!"

ARG. more! I thought my house was overrun with little's even more so overrun with rubber bands. BUT NO MORE!

P.S. Thank you Julie for bringing us dinner tonight. My children would have gotten milk and crackers had you not showed up MAJOR thanks!

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