Thursday, October 15, 2009


I made bread last night. Which means I also had to get out the broom, put the cat in the garage, get out the first aid kit, the mop, and my flip flops. What? yeah thats right, the first aid kit.

I have...had, a beautiful glass jar for flour. And let me tell ya, this think is HUGE. It holds roughly 2-2 1/2 galons. Which is nice cause I'm not constantly having to fill it up. I've had it since our 3rd or 4th month in TX. It looked so pretty up on my shelf. But last night I decided to make bread. And the flour was down to the last 3 or 4 cups. The jar was light because it was almost empty, so I hoisted it down to the floor, so I could refil it from our 5gallon plastic bucket in our pantry. As the dough was rising for my bread I refilled the jar from our bucket. I didnt want any little kid fingers getting into the jar, so I grabed the lid off the counter.

Right as I got the lid over the jar, it fell out of my hand. Seriously, I thought I had a good grip on the blasted thing...guess not. It fell slightly askew on the jar, and broke into a few large pieces. Ugh. So now I dont have a lid. Oh well. Maybe the flour didnt get any glass in it and it could still be salvagable. So I swept up around the jar and get my bread in the oven. I had just swept so I took my flip flops back off and on the way to put the bread in the oven...I step on a rather large piece of glass that I'd missed. Right in the heal of my right foot. Oh yeah, that was a bleeder. I now know why they take blood from baby's feet. It bleeds like crazy.

Ugh...really. So now I'm dripping blood all over my kitchen floor, and I dont want to run to the bathroom cause tile is easyer to clean then carpet. But my stinkin foot wouldnt stop bleeding. Luckily I found a stack of napkins and used that to quell the bleeding a little. I get the oven closed so the bread will cook, and then go get the stinkin first aid kit.

We have Paula's cat here until her and keith get married, and luckily she was in bed for the night. Meaning in her cage. But with all the glass on the floor, I quickly decided to put her food, water, and potty out in the garage, & let her roam free until I knew for sure I had it all cleaned up. Because I obvously missed some of it the first time.

So I get the glass out of my foot, and clean it up and get a bandaid on it. Boy did it hurt for a little while. It almost felt like I still had a piece of glass in it. But I go back in the kitchen, clean up the puddles of blood on the floor, and sweep again. I looked at the big jar of flour and though. "Hum...maybe it's still salvageable." again. The jar didnt looked harmed, and the lid broke into larger pieces, I think all of it landed on the floor. But, I didnt really want to mess with it, cause by the time I got my mess cleaned up, the bread was done. So I left the flour on the floor till this morning.

I had some fresh I decided on toast and hot chocolate. (the picture is actually french toast, but meah who cares). I slice myself some bread, and put my milk in the microwave so I can make hot chocolate. I stick the bread on the broiler, no we dont have a toaster, and when it's done I butter it. I get my milk out of the microwave and mix the perfect amount of Nesquick in it. I wanted to eat in my comfy bed, so I grab a plate for my toast.

Low and behold, the glass. I thought I had a good grip on that one too...NOPE. And guess what it hits on the way down. My glass jar that had "survived" my butterfingers the night before. It was like a frisby. It shot straight out of my hands onto the glass jar I left in the floor the night before. The plate totally shattered into a million pieces, and now the jar had a huge chip/crak in the side of it. If I thought the flour was salvagable before, it wasnt now. Now there was definatly plate chips in it. or even parts of the jar.

odly enough. I would have thought I would be screaming. Nope. All I could do was stare. "Are you kidding me?" I thought. I stare at it again, look at my bread and chocolate milk. Look at the broom. Look at the chocolate milk. I decided to leave it. I was still hungry, and all the kids were asleep. So I go to grab another plate.

erm...all of our plates in the cabnet were breakable. Maybe I better just stick with carrying the bread. OH nope, there was 1 plastic plate on top of all the ceramic ones. Beautymus. I come in my room. and enjoy 2 pieces of toast, and hot chocolate. (yeah I had to call my dad and tell him what a clutz I'd been over the last 12 hours) but the mess stayed put, and I ate my food in peace.

Then like the responsible person I am. I blog. Yeah you guessed it. the mess is still in my kitchen. Well, would you want to touch anything after being as brain dead & butterfingery as I have been?

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