Friday, October 30, 2009

Funnel Cakes are Hazardous

So I really wanted funnel cakes today. I asked Mike, "doesnt that sound GOOD!" his reply was, "I dunno, I've only had it like once"..and I thought, " ONLY ONCE! It cant be that hard to make." So I looked up a recipe online and did it...only when I wrote down the recipe...I forgot one ingredient....flour. So I get it all mixed (minus the flour) and think, hum...this is a little thin. It looks like crepe batter. interesting.

I load up the funnel and get ready to dump it in the hot oil. And here is where I'm guessing a number of things went wrong. The batter was so thin I couldnt stop it from all pouring into the pan. And the moment it hit the SUPER hot oil it bubbled A LOT and boiled over. We have a gas the moment the oil hit that open flame....well...yeah kitchen fire. Not a huge deal though it went out pretty quick...but thats why if you look at the picture of the funnel cake cooking, you can see a huge mess underneath the pan...yeah thats funnel cake overflow.

Any time I working with oil I always make the boys stand back because it pops. And boy am I ever glad I had them at a safe distance. To was just cool fireworks. And mikey comented everytime I made a funnel cake afterword, "Is this one make a fire?!?!" He thought it was awesome. I had to explain that mommy made a mistake.

Anyway we got the batter thickened up and the oil at just the right temperature...and they turned out SSOO good. Mike discovered that if you put syrup on them, they taste just like a waffel. I'll stick with the good 'ole powder sugar. this is the boys eating their funnel cake. They kept asking for more. Lemme tell ya, they're good!

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