Thursday, October 15, 2009

Releasing Wildlife

This is the cutest wildlife I've found in my house. Ok so none of the other wildlife was cute...unless your a cat person, which I'm not. And...I cant release the cat into the wild. Reguardless, I'm alwasy finding creatures in my house and as I was sweeping up some glass, I found this little dude. Only I swept him up with the glass, and later found his wiggeling tail. ick. poor thing. anyhow. The things I mention in the video that I find, we'll non of them were little. The snail...come to think of it was actually a slug. Was almost the size of my hand. Minus one knuckle joint on my middle finger and you got about how long it was. blech. And it wouldnt let go of the floor. Our backdoor really shouldnt be considered a back door. It's a sliding glass door, and it hardly closes, it doesnt stay on its tracks, and the metal holding the glass is always comming unscrewed so the glass isnt even very stable. At any rate...its rather anoying. In the summer I have to sweep up junebugs every day because they fly in through the cracks in the door at night and then die inbetween the curtain and the door. But this was the first time I found a gecko inside. Usually they hang out on the windows when it gets dark to eat little bugs that flock around the light. I hope this little guy makes it!

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