Friday, October 16, 2009

Simple is Best

So I've learned to obvously NEVER listen to my cravings. Do you know what I wanted for dinner? Chocolate milk & fluffy scrambeled eggs with cheddar and peperoni. Dont get me wrong...the first few bites were glorius. But now...I dont want the peperoni. I dont even want eggs. I probably could have eaten a little more if they would have just been plane. But I still would have had leftovers cause I made about 7 eggs :S. yeah yeah. I know why the crap would anyone make 7 eggs for themself for dinner. We'll I'm regreting it now cause I've got a large bowl of scrambeled eggs on my hands that I CANT finish. I'm not going to just throw it out. Anyone know any good ways to use up leftover scrambeled eggs?

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