Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kick in the pants

Ok ok, so it was a kick in the side. The INSIDE to be precise. I've felt the so called "flutters" already and a few nudges here and there, but today I got my first real THUMP. Oh yeah it's my kid alright, already desperate for my attention. I'm just past the 15 weeks mark. Somedays I forget that I'm pregnant. Yeah so I gag on EVERYTHING, but that's just become a part of life. Hence; sometimes I forget. Mostly it's just a little fact tucked away in my brain. I'll get a little mushy now and then when mike mentions something about holding a newborn, or I see pictures of my boys that little. But for the most part I'm still stuck with the daily grind I've finnaly gotten my kitchen in order, and Laundry is next. We are getting rid of anything we can do without. Better to lessen the work load instead of trying to keep up with everything that accumulates.

Oh side note. I think we've decided mike is going to try to get into school the semester after the baby comes. Hurray more things for us to do. we've got quite the list. lol.

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