Tuesday, November 17, 2009

making a mix

I would just like to publicly thank my mom for getting me this book. I hadn't used it too much until now. we're a little tight on cash so I've been cooking more...instead of buying hotpockets. The gist of this book is that you have mixes for everything, bread, meat, sauce. And then when you need to make something you go to the mix and find a recipe you want to use. Since you've made a mix, you don't have to do as much cooking or finding ingredients so it takes less time. And let me tell you, everything that I have tried out of this book so far has be marvelous! And it does make cooking a lot easier. Today I made the "quick mix" and the "hot roll mix" here is what each mix will make.

super-duper doughnuts
sunshine coffeecake
madeline's muffins
nevada's pancakes
indian fry bread
golden cornbread
banana-nut bread
crispy breadsticks
drop biscuits
Never-Fail rolled biscuits
Sausage-cheese balls
churried shrimp rounds
self-crust cheese tart
tuna-cheese swirls
seafood-rice puffs
sugar cookies
molasses cookies
cinnamon thins
crescent butter cookies
millionaire bars
apple-nut cake
carmel-nut pudding cake
hot fudge pudding cake
pineapple upsid-down cake
lazy daisy cake
impossible pie
turnover fried pies
cream puffs supreme
apple-walnut cobbler
sunday shortcake

and most of those have varriations, like one you cam make dumplings, or pizza, or cinnamon rolls

swedish cinnamon twists
cinnamon rolls
cream cheese swirls
butterscotch butter balls
honey-walnut swirl
Pan rols
orange butterflake rolls
crescent rolls
homemade white bread
hi-light onion bread
good for you bread
big soft pretzels

So far out of these mixes I've only made golden cornbread, homemade white bread, and big soft pretzels. I'm so excited to try some of these other recipes. All the things I have made have been pretty straight forward and easy. And it's saved me A LOT of money/time when it comes to dinner. I give this book 5 stars for its ingenuity, and pure tastiness of it's recipes. I dont think they sell it anymore...mine is pretty old. But you can find it really cheap on Alibris.com or amazon.com check alibris first because they sell only books and movies. But seriously I dont think I could live without this book anymore. It has been a lifesaver. The meat mixes you cook up a whole pot of food and stick it in your freezer for quick meals during the week. And they're so versitile. You can make sloppy joes one day, and then make hawaiian haystacks one day and sweet & sour chicken the next! (both of which I have tried and they are amazing) So really people. if you dont have this book, GET IT. I cant tell you how greatful I am that my wonderful mother got me this book. I keep finding more and more things I like about it every time I open the pages. Seriously if I had the money I'd get it for all my buddies for christmas. But I dont have THAT much money. So merry christmas I tipped you off to one of the greatest cookbooks of all time.

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