Thursday, November 5, 2009

My "bucket list" just got shorter!!

So I can now scratch something off of my bucket list, (the list of stuff you want to do before you kick the bucket) and it's called......FLYING!

This is Mikey and Xander when they first got to see the cool red airplane mommy and daddy were going to fly in. I think Xander was a little shy cause he didnt seam as interested as Gavin and Mikey.

This is Mikey with "his" red airplane. The moment he saw it he started calling it his. In case you cant tell by the look on his face, he really thinks it's his airplane.

If you look at Gavins face you can tell how much he is loving this. The whole time we were there he kept saying "ooohhh!" and "wow!"

Jim (the guy who owns the plane) was nice enough to even let Mr. Mikey sit in it. The seat was kinda far back but you can tell he thinks it's pretty neat.

once we got the seat scooted up, everything became 10X cooler. He was all about "driving" that airplane & he even kept checking the controls. He LOVED it.

The guy in the window wearing the blue shirt is Jim. Really one of the sweetest guys I've met. Him and his wife really loved talking and playing with our kiddos too.

This is the only picture we have of Xander in the Airplane cause he didnt want to stay in for very long. When we got home and started looking at the pictures he kept saying, "where's Xander?" He didt start thinking the airplanes were really cool until he saw some of them take off from the runway.

Jim was really sweet to even let Gavin take a turn. OH boy Gavin had a blast.

Jim and Mike doing airplane checks before the flights. Daddy got to go up first.

Gavin especially loved all the rocks...but he kept trying to pic them out of the pavement and was very confused as to why they were stuck.

taxi out to the runway. Mikey kept saying, "The airplane lives in the number 2 house!"

And there she blows! the boys LOVED watching daddy take off in that airplane.

Then it was finally my turn. And of course I took my camera up. Didnt wanna miss a photo op! Here is us right before we take off.

Rockwall from the sky. I made a coment about how everything looked like toys and Jim said, "yeah some of those toy houses are pretty expensive!" Then I realized how huge a lot of the houses were below us. there were a TON of very LARGE estates.

Since it was my first time flying in a small aircraft Jim said he'd take it easy. But the more the plane moved around, the more he realized exactly how much I was enjoying it. So he offered to show me what a G felt like. WWOO it was AWESOME! so here is proff that I've felt a G.

Pulling a G the other way. Jim also did a "rollercoster" where he went at a downward angle and you came out of your seat. IT WAS SO COOL!

Yeah thats Wal*Mart and Home Depot. Haha who knew they were so tiney! After this I stoped taking pictures for a while. Wanna know what on earth could get me to stop taking pictures? HE LET ME DRIVE! I FLEW AN AIRPLANE!!!!! And I flew for a while too. I'm goning to say anywhere from 4-10min. To me it felt like more cause it was really weird/cool/awesome that I was flying an airplane.

Banking as we come in to land.

Thats the runway in front of us. And Jim said since I enjoyed all the fun moves he'd show me a slide as we came in. Meaning we landed partly sidways. It was totally amazing!

Daddy and the boys sat and watched the planes at the airport coming and going. But Jim had the only Red one. When Mikey saw us coming in to land he said, "It's my red airplane bringing my mom!" This is mikey runing to give mommy one great big hug now that she was on the ground.

The boys were so good. They didnt get cranky once. Gavin is TOTALLY hooked on airplanes. Mike said he kept pointing and saying "WOW" to everything he saw. Everyone was tired when we went home but we didnt have one single cranky boy. All of them had one of the best days ever. And so did I.

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