Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a date

Mike got home a little after 8 last night. We got to thinkin' it was about time for a date. But every time we called my babysitters house no one would answer. But we couldn't remember the last time we went out just the two of us. So we sat and thought for a minute. Earlier in the evening mike had been invited to play dungeons and dragons(d&d) with some of his buddies from church. So somehow the idea popped into his head to have his buddies come over here to play...only him and I would leave. The only reason why his friends would be there is so there would be someone in the house with our kids. I started laughing and thinking, "no guy is ever going to go for that." But he gives them a call anyway. And guess what? They actually decided to come. It was three guys, and they brought their own cardboard pizzas. They just sat in our living room while we were gone and played d&d. And they told us to stay out as long as we wanted cause these guys set their own curfews. Yay! so we went driving around for a little bit and decided to see a drive in. Which by the way Iron Man is AMAZING! I don't even recall any cursing in it. The drive in only takes cash so we decided to run to walmart and buy some food for the movie then just get cash back instead of using an ATM. It was so fun to just be out of the house with my hubbie. I told the guys that they could have some cheetos that were in the cupboard and to help themselves to the milk in the fridge. Boy did they, they ate that WHOLE bag! And they almost drank a full gallon of Milk. But thats ok cause if you add up the cost of a babysitter it's still cheaper to get a gallon of milk and a bag of cheetos than to pay someone. And we had THREE babysitters. lol! But you know when you only have the middle of the night to do stuff, get a bunch of guys to come "house sit" for you. You're kids are asleep and the guys can just sit in your living room and play games till you get home. IT'S AWESOME!

Side note: On our way there we stopped at a Flying J and got gass. We only paid $3.80 a gal!!! Sweet!

2nd side note: in regards to the first side note...thats really sad that I'm excited about getting gas at that price.

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