Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hurray for Xander!

Well today Xander took his first steps! It's about time too. The sad thing is...he didn't even realize he was walking by himself. I had been holding him under his armpits, and he wanted to walk from the computer desk to our bed. So as he took that first step I let go. And low and behold he took three steps all by himself. He wasn't even tipsy. He would have taken more steps if the bed wasn't so close. As soon as he made it I started saying. GOOD JOB! That was SO good! And he smiled real BIG....but he was a little confused cause he didn't know why mom was so proud of him.

I tried to get him to do it again...but to no avail. As far as he knows, he still hasn't walked by himself. But now I've seen him do it. He'll be walking on his own soon.

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