Monday, June 23, 2008

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So no changes today. I'm sorry the blog has turned into my complaint board. I did go to the hospital last night but mostly cause I had never been to the labor and deliver unit before and we wanted to check it out before I had to be there for a few days. IT"S SO NICE! they have a great big jacuzzi tub in the bathroom that would be SO nice to just sit in. (mike even wanted to hop in it lol!) And the room was almost twice the size of the once at Cox. And one of the chairs turns into a bed so if needed mike could sleep there for a few hours. It made me feel a lot better to see what would be going on.

But for now...I sit. I wait...and I try to sleep as much as I can. woo hoo....not. It has been really nice to have my family up here though. We got my food storage all rearranged and it looks SSOO much better now. And we all went swimming today before dad went home and that was a lot of fun. I actually got to GO SWIMMING! yeah my parents were watching the boys and I got to do some laps in the pool. And there were only like 3 other kids in the pool it was way nice. (and yes I double checked online to see if I could still go swimming. And it's totally fine as long as my water hasn't broken yet..which it hasn't...sadly) I really hope this doesn't take the whole week for Gavin to get here. But I have had more "harder" contractions today so we'll see. Boy was I a nervous reck before my parents got here. I don't know how I would have handled it without them THANKS MOM AND DAD! Now we just have to get Gavin to decide he wants to say hello.

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