Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I have Returned!

Well it's been a long couple of days without internet. I didn't realize how much we actually used it until our modem went out. But the repair man came and gave us a new one for free. YAY! So we're back online. I've been dying to be bloging these past couple of days. I've had some cute stories...but of course I didn't write them down so I don't remember them all. but here are two of which were very cute.

I fell asleep on the couch one day and I wake up to mikey kissing my forehead. As I rub my eyes and wake up further I find that my sweet two year old had place a blanket on me. He tucked mommy in bed. So sweet.

And yesterday we played hide and go seek for the first time. The first time I hid, I hid in his closet with the door open so he could find me. The second time I hid in the laundry room with the door mostly closed so he had to do a little more looking. And the third time...hahaha is my favorite. I hid on the bean bag chair with mikey's blanket over me, my feet were sticking out so I stuck Mr. Bear over my legs. It took him FOREVER to find me. It was so funny. He came in the livingroom like twice and then I started laughing. Mikey then realized I was under the blanket, "haha a blankie!" he says and rips his blanket off of me. What a cute kid.

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