Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dinosaur Room

Well I got tired of having a Jungle theme in the boys I moved that stuff to the bathroom and now their room is going to be Dinosaurs. Today my project was a book shelf. We've been using the wagon as their toy box...but no.1 decided he'd rather use it as a wagon. When I put them in bed I constantly hear Mikey pushing the wagon around the room. I'm taking it out of there so he'll actually go to bed now....but I do need a place for the books.

All I did was take a thin box and drew a dinosaur on the front and cut it out...then I put fabric over the back & cut out fabric for the dinosaur & his book. Then I hot glued it all together complete with buttons for eyes. It was a lot of fun...and It looks really cute. It is a little high for no. 2, but Mikey loves it.

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