Tuesday, May 27, 2008

memorial day

Oh my goodness. Yesterday was one of the absolute funnest days I've EVER had. Seriously It was awesome. This was the first time since Mike has started school that he had a day off from both school and work that wasn't a sunday. So we took advantage. And since we got our stimulus check. We decided to say yes to a lot of things today that normally we wouldn't.

First off, the night before, Mike got to stay up playing his games. Cause we didn't have to be anywhere in the morning. Then in the morning. I was so excited to get going that I woke up at like 6 and everyone including the kids were still asleep. So i decided to go see what we should do for breakfast. When the kids woke up I stuck them in the tub. Daddy just kept snoozing. After the boys bath we ate breakfast rice, and then I brought a bowl into daddy. It was about 9:30 or 10ish. It was so great! He NEVER gets to sleep in. Then we had just bought some new hair clippers so we cut his hair last night too.

While daddy was showering to get the hair off...I was getting the boys ready. Today we were going to get mike some glasses. And we'd found a store that gives you 2 pair of glasses for 69.99 AND your eye exam is FREE. STINKIN AWESOME! Once everyone was ready, away we went. The boys, just being fed, were totally happy. It was WONDERFUL! Well until daddy had to go in for the exam. We had to sit in the waiting room. And you know how 2 year olds get. That wasn't exactly fun for the boys, but when all was said and done...and we got them some pizza...they were once again happy.

We went to America's Best here in KC. All in all we ended up spending about $270. but thats cause we bought a years supply of contacts...which was $99 and Mike joined their eyecare club for $99. The eyecare club you get 10% off glasses and contacts, and you get 2 exams free for 3 years. Stinkin AWESOME! Then we also bought him some glasses. But they weren't going to be done for 2 weeks...hence he needed contacts. Apparently...my husband is legally blind...and he's been driving without contacts OR glasses ALL YEAR! Yeah...not such a comforting thought.

Anyhow then we went to Subway and got the boys a pizza, and we got whatever sub we wanted. Then we went to Sonic and got ice cream. Yeah I got one of their bannana splits...only I exchanged the fruit they usually put on it..for oreo's on one side, and reces on the other!! YUM! Then we headed to the D.A.V. thrift store. If you have one close...totally go to it. It's one of the most organized thrift stores I've ever been in, and there is no sales tax. AWESOME! It is slightly more expensive than other thrift stores...but it's VERY easy to navigate. Thats part of the reason why I like it so much. And saying it's more expensive...is not really saying much. You don't usually pay more than $4 for a pair of pants.

Now we get to the REALLY fun part of our day. We had a cook out with some of our friends up here. We made Hamburgers & Kabobs & Pink stuff & salad & sherbet. Oh my gosh it was THE BEST meal I've had in a LONG time. The guys were being really funny and everytime they'd cook something on the grill...it was MAN kabobs, or MAN Burgers, or they had to go be MEN and get some MAN-ly Charcoal. I brought my camera...but alas didn't take any picture. But I'll be sure to post them when I get them from Michelle. I love that family. Yesterday will be a day to remember.

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