Friday, May 9, 2008

Woes of being 2nd

Well today has been interesting. We decided to go out for breakfast for my birthday and mothers day. It was a lot of fun. Till Xander got a hold of some bacon. He took it off of Daddy's plate and it was a full piece. He was gagging all over the place. When we pulled it out of his mouth, it was a HUGE piece stuck all the way down his throat. No wonder he was gagging. The whole restruant was watching us. Then a little while later as I reached across the table to wipe his mouth...I knocked over my water...all over myself. fun fun fun.

But poor Xander. He's had a hard day. He keeps falling off of stuff. And when I went to check my E-mail today I hear him crying. Nothing new. Only then I'd hear him cry and get cut off...and mikey laughing. Anytime that child is's a bad sign. I run into the living room and poor Xander is laying on his tummy with mikey sitting on his back holding him hostage by the neck of Xander's shirt. Every time he'd bounce, it would interrupt Xanders crying. And he thought that was funny. But the moment I stepped into the room he bolted. Poor Xander was just in tears. Mikey is now in his room in time out...and Xander is "recovering." Mostly I think he's just glad mikey can't sit on him anymore. Shesh.

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