Thursday, May 1, 2008

One pair of pants is never enough.

Well...Mikey really likes his clothes. Hats, shoes, PANTS. Now you expect a kid to like to wear his daddy's shoes (or his mom's high heals...they make fun noises when you walk), or like to wear hats, but I think my eldest son has taken it a little far. Today I guess he just had a strong desire to put on his own clothes....only he was already dressed. And the clothes his little heart desired to put on....were already on his little brother. Thus I watch the seen unfold.
Xander is standing up on the rocker. He's such a skinny little dude that all of his pants sag. Mikey decides, Eh what the heck, they're already half way down his rear...we'll just finish the job. Xander of course falls over in the process. Once the pants are off. He proudly declares, "Pants!" and proceeds to put them on himself. Well he was already wearing jeans so he could only get Xander's up to his ankles. And that is how my son walked around the house. Wearing 2 pairs of jeans. One correctly...and the other a stolen article around his feet. And poor no.2 was now in just a diaper and a shirt. But he was a real good sport about it, he'd rather be completely undressed anyway.

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