Monday, May 5, 2008

My hubby is Full of Bologna

Well I'm always on the blog posting things that my boys do. Today however, it was the older boy who was being silly. At the moment I have 4 boys. Mikey (or no.1 as daddy calls him), Xander (no. 2), Gavin...tentatively (no. 3), and Mike (or Hubby/Daddy as he is so often called). And today...Daddy was being the silly one.

Today I decided I was going to clean my kitchen before Mike got home from school. Usually I save the majority of the cleaning for when the boys go to bed so I have something to do until Mike gets home. When he got home in the middle of the day and the kitchen was almost done he was just happy. And boy was he in a good mood. (but compared to yesterday...anything is a good mood). He came in and kissed me and he just started acting goofy.

I got out the sandwich stuff so he could make him a sandwich...and he just stared at it for a while. So I roll my eyes and start making his sandwich. He starts laughing and proceeds to put some bologna on his sandwich. When he squirts the mustard on his sandwich he makes it into a face. (he actually had two sandwiches) One sandwich was a squiggly mouth and the other was just a sad face. "are you making the drama masks?" I asked him.
He told me, "No they're just scared."
"Of what"
A big grin crosses his face, "of being smushed!" And he places the bread on top of the face. He pulls the bread back off to show me the "damage." Then he tries to make the same face that the mustard has made after being mushed into bologna. I almost wet my pants from laughing so much. What a fun hubbie I have.

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