Monday, May 5, 2008

Well well well....what can I say about this morning...Hum. I made sure my children had breakfast, I incubated, I didn't stop breathing. I cleaned the little boys room. I got a load of dishes done....No wait...2 loads. One in the dishwasher, and one by hand. That was good. And I didn't yell at my children. Let me tell you...that has been one of the HARDEST things to do today.

When I started to do my dishes. I hear Michael on my piano. No big deal right? wrong. He found my little scissors on my piano. He opens them up and starts to "play the piano with them" I think he's just pounding...when I go in there to see what he's playing...there are scratch marks all over the front of my piano!!?!!?!?!

ARG! Do you know how awful it is to find wood shavings at the foot of your piano! But I repeat when I said at the beginning of this post. I didn't yell. Crying on the other hand...that I almost did. But I held it together and showed him it was wrong...then put him in the corner for 5 min. He didn't scratch it too awful. It defiantly could have been worse. Next time I wont set my scissors anywhere near the piano. shesh.

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