Saturday, May 10, 2008

Strange Fishy Dreams

OK so while I was at a friends house, she offered to give me her little fish. It made me think of when my sister, Sarah, had that same type of fish, and it jumped out of the bowl. We found it later dried crispy to one of her tables. ICK!

Last night while I was sleeping I was hoping for good dreams...well...I got something. It was a STRANGE dream. Apparently something had happened outside and there were three fish flailing on the pavement. I couldn't just leave them there so I got a bowl of water for each fish. 2 were beta fish (like the one pictured, and the one I was offered), and the other one looked like Nemo only 2 ft long. We couldn't find a bowl for "nemo" so my little sister, Nancyann, sat and held id forcing water down it's throat. Then the water started spilling out it's gills onto Nanc, and she freaked out. So we just stuck it head first into a bowl so it could breath. The water only came up just past it's gills. Then finally we found a large pot to stick the fish in. It had just enough room to be in the water...nothing else. Then I took all the fish home to my apartment.

(Michelle...I attribute this dream to you.)

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