Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Field Trip

These are some of Mike's school friends.

The cockpit.
Stuff to tell you where you are at in the sky.

Lots of dials.

This is that little middle part of the cockpit just a closer view.

The whole enchilada.

I think this is inside one of the jets? (Don't quote me on this)

Inside the actual airplane

Looking into one of the jets. (Kinda scary if you ask me...I wouldn't want to be looking at it when they turned it on)

uh..I don't remember what he told me this was. Man he's going to be so disappointed.

Looking at the rear wheel from inside the airplane.

I'll have Mike come back through and edit this tonight. It's INSANE how much work goes into flying. I'm glad mike is smart...I don't think I could retain everything you need to know....I can't even remember half the stuff he told me yesterday. (sad Ris...very sad)

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